World’s Most Expensive Party, Which Led to Fall of Iranian Empire!

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World’s Most Expensive Party, Which Led to Fall of Iranian Empire!

In 1971, Iran threw an extravagant and exclusive party to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian empire.

The party had a grandeur never seen before in the world’s recorded history.

It had delicious food from the world’s best restaurant, exquisite drinks, luxurious accommodations, medieval European style decorations, and more importantly – the party had the most decorated guestlist – heads of states from 65 different countries, emperors, kings and queens, princes and princesses, sheiks, sultans, and business figures of all kinds from 5 different continents.

The venue of the event was not some ancient castle or a seven-star hotel, instead, everything was organized from scratch, in the middle of a desert, by building plastic tents.

The cost of all of this? Not a million dollars; Not a billion dollars; this party almost cost a dynasty.

It proved to be a stepping stone for the rise of the Iranian revolution and the fall of the Iranian Monarchy that changed the country forever.

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