As revenge for the Indian Army’s attack on the Golden Temple, at Amritsar (India), ordered by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, to flush out terrorists hiding inside, on 31 October 1984, she was murdered by her Sikh bodyguards.

On the same day, her son Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was appointed as India’s youngest Prime Minister at the age of 45 years!

Anti-Sikh Riots

With effect from 1 November 1984, Indian National Congress activists started killing innocent Sikhs (any poor soul wearing a Sikh turban was mercilessly attacked) within the National Capital Region to avenge the murder of Mrs. Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.

This massacre continued blindly till 4 November 1984.

Among other atrocities, burning tyres were placed around the necks of victims.

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, as well as the President Mr. Gyani Zail Singh, the Police Force, the Armed Forces, along with the whole nation watched on silently.

How was the killing of innocent Sikhs justified by the rioters? Only God knows!

The victims were clearly nowhere directly related to the death of Mrs. Indira Gandhi.


In December 2018, the honourable High Court of New Delhi convicted Mr. Sajjan Kumar with life imprisonment and spared the main culprits of the crime, such as Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, from even being named in the charge sheet.

The whole nation was aware of who the mastermind was behind the anti-Sikh riots of 1984.

However, every single person preferred to hold his silence and watched the ‘nude show’ of anarchy and the misuse of power.

Our team felt overwhelmed and cheated upon learning the facts of the matter and decided to convey the explicit form of this issue in the article ‘1984 Anti Sikh Riots: India’s Shame!

This article was intended to rake up exclusive facts in the form of unanswered questions that had never been discussed before.

Learning for Historical Mistakes

During World War II, till the time Russia conquered Germany, Hitler was considered as God. His speech was considered as a bible for the German Armed Forces and population.

Even though people knew within their hearts that World War was killing young German soldiers and the innocent civilian population. But still, till Hitler’s last breath, German History was nothing but a bunch of lies, what Hitler wanted the German population to know.

Only after his death, the truth was dug out and shared with the entire world in the form of World History. In short, the ruling government on any land will always try to share the history, which makes them 

While Building Up This Website…

While compiling the article mentioned above, we started realising that all the details mentioned in the history books are drafted as per the will of the sitting government. And since Congress was holding power in the reign of India, so, this incident of the 1984 Anti Sikh Riots was never written with correct facts!

So, we realised that there are other such serious and critical issues with historical importance towards the formation of a country, requiring proper investigation and are to be reported upon in the most explicit form.

It was then only that the idea of our website Explicit History ( was created.

Since then, our team has not stopped and has kept on working to compile articles regarding other distorted historical facts.

In order to present all significant issues in their explicit forms.

This website aims to help people realise what is deliberately hidden from them by influential people for personal gains.

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